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Richardson GMP | Mciver Capital Management
Richardson GMP | Mciver Wealth Management Consulting Group
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Discretionary Investment Management

McIver Capital Management exists to provide clients with discretionary investment management services. Portfolios are managed so that clients are not required to spend time attending to the complexity of specific investment decisions. Investments performance results are communicated to clients on a timely basis and reasons for the performance are discussed at periodic meetings. This the most convenient and efficient method available to clients with significant assets as it removes the burden of daily attention to details and recognizes the advantages and exclusivity of dealing with investment managers. Most investors are limited to an indirect relationship with investment managers through the use of mutual funds. However, high net worth investors have the scale that allows for a direct relationship where the investment manager manages the day to day activities of their entire portfolios and is available for discussion if needed.

As investment managers, we do our own due diligent analysis and manage the portfolios locally ourselves. Our clients are able to get the benefit of our best investment ideas immediately. We are also able to respond quickly if opportunities or risks arise in the investment markets.

Wealth Management

We also recognize that high net worth investors who qualify for discretionary investment management are frequently in need of other forms of financial advice and planning. Often, these financial issues are wider in scope and require a wealth management approach in order to develop solutions involving insurance, estate, and tax advice. In order to win the confidence of clients in these areas, our staff includes people with extensive experience in these areas along with best educational and certification credentials.

We charge an investment management fee that is calculated as a percentage of the client’s assets. It is only possible for us to earn more revenue if the value of the account increases. Our very competitive fee structure includes all aspects of our services: professional investment management, transactions, reporting, security safekeeping, and wealth management solutions.

Richardson GMP Limited

Richardson GMP, with which our team is associated, is a unique Canadian wealth management firm focused on consistent performance, delivery of exclusive wealth management and innovative investment services for successful families and entrepreneurs. Richardson GMP Limited’s mission is to be the pre-eminent independent wealth management firm in Canada. The firm has 17 offices across Canada and more than $28 billion of assets under administration.

Richardson GMP | Mciver Wealth Management Consulting Group
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Richardson GMP | Mciver Wealth Management Consulting Group
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